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The Northern Territory Government's Sport Voucher Scheme is ensuring all young Territorians have access to sporting activities.

Under the Scheme, every enrolled, school-aged child across the Territory will receive a Sport Voucher up to the value of $75 to help cover the costs of playing organised sport. In remote areas with limited access to sporting clubs, Sport Voucher funding will be allocated to schools to support sporting activities.

From 1 July 2014, the Sport Voucher Scheme will expand to include more sport and recreation activities including arts and cultural pursuits.

Every enrolled, school-aged child across the Territory will receive $200  annually available as $100 vouchers in July and January.

The new Scheme will cover a wider range of sport and recreation activities including dance, music lessons and other arts and cultural pursuits so children who don’t play traditional sports don’t miss out.

Visual and performing arts organisations and organisations such as Scouts, Guides and outdoor education providers will be able to take advantage of the extension of the Scheme.

The new scheme is expected to begin on 1 July 2014.

Latest News

Requests for New or Replacement 2014 Sport Vouchers are open

Parents will be issued with their child's Sport Vouchers via their child's school in January and February 2014. Request a new Sport Voucher.

Find a Registered Sport Organisation

As sports organisations register with the Department of Sport and Recreation for the Sport Voucher Scheme then their details will be recorded online for families to find which of their local sport organisations are registered to redeem the Sport Vouchers.

View Registered Organisations

Sport Organisations can now register for the Sport Voucher Scheme

Organisations which meet the eligibility criteria for the Sport Voucher Scheme are now able to register for the Scheme.  Please watch the tutorial videos, which explain how to register correctly. Please click on the ‘Sporting Clubs Tutorial Videos’ button at the top right hand side of this page and then complete the online registration process by clicking on the ‘Register your Sports Organisation’ button. Once you are deemed eligible by the Department of Sport and Recreation, you will be notified and then be eligible to redeem the Sport Vouchers. Your organisations details will also be made available on this website so the public can find you.

To register under the Scheme, a club, association or registered business must be affiliated with a recognised Territory Peak Sporting Body which has a National Sporting Organisation recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.

Is this Voucher Valid?

Please note that students from St Phillips College, Alice Springs, will have vouchers which have just the School name printed on the Voucher. There are no personal details of the student or family on these vouchers. These Vouchers are valid. This school did not provide any data to the Department of Sport, Recreation and Racing for the mailout, they have distributed the vouchers on our behalf.

Only original vouchers, printed on the translucent yellow paper are valid.