Sport Voucher Scheme

Sport and Learn to Swim Vouchers


The Northern Territory Government's Sport and Learn to Swim Voucher Schemes ensure all young Territorians have access to sport, recreation and cultural activities and swimming lessons.

The Sport Voucher Scheme commenced on 1 July 2014 and has been expanded to include recreation and cultural activities as well as Learn to Swim lessons.

The current $75 Sport Voucher Scheme will continue until 30 November 2014.

More information about the Sport Voucher Scheme is available below. 


$200 Learn to Swim Voucher Scheme

Territory toddlers aged up to five years will be eligible for $200 in swimming lessons a year funded by the Northern Territory Government's Learn to Swim Vouchers.  Read more...

$200 Sport Voucher Scheme

The new Sport Vouchers will mean every enrolled, school-aged child across the Territory is eligible to claim $200 a year on sport, recreation and cultural activities.  Read more...

$75 Sport Voucher Scheme

The $75 Sport Vouchers are valid for use up to 30 November 2014. Read more...

Latest announcements

02 July 2014 - Territory toddlers now eligible for $200 worth of swimming lessons
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10 April 2014 - $5 Million Boost for Sport Voucher Scheme